The start of our journey to honest AI

…machines are not only reflecting our biases. Sometimes They Are Amplifying Them

Caroline Criado Perez in Invisible Women

When I met Sven for the first time, he told me about his work as a developer of predictive analytics. We talked about the ethical implications of some of the tools he had to build. Then I read Data Feminism and other books and got even more intrigued by the subject.

Sven and I decided that we wanted to contribute to a world with more honest AI. That’s when we founded ByeBias. Our mission is to build practical tools to help companies to develop honest and inclusive AI. Currently this is just an ambition and our journey has just begun.

Co-creation with the Dutch Government

Luckily we are not alone on this journey. We have Successfully pitched our ideas to the Dutch Government and we  are now part of the Intergov Startup in Residence Programme. This will enable us to build our first prototype and validate it with a real potential customer: The dutch Government.

We are full of energy and ambition to change the world of AI. If You Have Any Ideas, Questions Or Contributions You Would Like To Make, Feel Free To Contact Us!

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